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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Posted by evilDJINNZ on December 21, 2010 at 2:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

    Sneak around, avoid being noticed, and kill your target. This is in an assassin’s mind. Do you have what it takes to be an assassin? If you believe so, this game may spark an interest in your eyes. Keep in mind you are still bound by the rules of the game world, which takes out unbelievable actions or any going beyond this scope. In this review for the playstation 3’s Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood the focus is on the multiplayer aspect, single play, and some issues some may find annoying.

    The multiplayer aspect of this game is new to this series. It follows the same basic principles of any shooter, but there are rules to go along. You may just want to run on the rooftops and pounce down on your target. This allows you to be noticed by your target and alerts others of your position. Killing your target while noticed by them reduces the points majorly. You could sit in one spot, but this allows your position to be pinned down and could limit actions when your target gets near you. The truth is this was expected to be worse then it turned out and credit should be given on their first multiplayer shot.

    The single play is just like the other parts in this series. It does offer the ability to train assassins that you can call on or send on missions. This is neat, but there is also the new combo kill streak that can kill multiple enemies. In certain areas of the game, you are required to get so high to unlock one hundred percent memory sync. The story follows along with the previous one so no need thinking you will be lost. In this area of the game, they managed to stay pretty even throughout the series.

    Issues the players may find annoying is just well annoying. First would be the delay in the games notice indicators. An example in single play is the pickpockets are targeted right away. On the other hand, it takes a couple seconds for a courier to show and by then they are gone. You cannot look at the map for a courier as you could for pickpockets so kiss them goodbye most the time. In multiplayer they seem to have put some haystacks or bushes in areas where no npc’s travel making it useless to hide there. Another part on the multiplayer is about ninety-five percent of the time it spawns you so far away from your target. This requires you to either run closer revealing to others where you are or walk for a minute to the area of your target. These are minor and not game breaking.

    Finally, this game offers for it first time a multiplayer option. The games single play is no stray from how it was before. The issues that some may find are minor, but at least this will provide some information on the next one. This game is great, but some may find it too short in length if they decide not to go after the full experience. Now waiting for their next part in the story to see how they improve from where they are now. This may not appeal to those that want to go shoot, but if you like being sneaky, this is for you.


My Final Game Rating = 9.0

Fallout: New Vegas

Posted by evilDJINNZ on November 4, 2010 at 2:27 PM Comments comments (0)

Fallout: New Vegas

    This was pretty much in the same boat as Fallout 3 except there were far too many bugs. This one received fewer points than Fallout 3. It has factions that will keep you going on quests for a while. This also has ways to track how you are towards a certain group like being hated, idolized, or just neutral. Freezing was not much fun to look forward to happening. It still takes place in a world after nuclear fallout, but there are some differences in the game. In this review for Fallout New Vegas the bugs, companions, and the size of the game world will be discussed.

    The bugs in this game are far too many for the taste of gamers and there is no real work around to some. Ed- e is a neat little companion you can get, but you are forewarned do not bringing it in vault 22. When on a mission to blow up some vents when hauling butt out the door you run the risk of not seeing it again. There is a part when taking Veronica to the followers to see if she will help them, she gets bugged out. This happened when you go outside when the four brotherhood of steel became hostile. If Veronica leaves one alive, she will freeze up and not follow you anymore. Well she will after you decide to kill the non-hostile brotherhood of steel member that she left alive.

    Now the companions are a neat little addition to the game. You are able to have one non-human and a human to travel in your game play with. As far as it was seen, there were only two non-human companions a robot eye and a robot dog. As for the humans you can take along with you, there are a few to pick from well given how far into it you are. There is veronica, Gannon, Cassidy, and others. These are good back up for you and some may be better suited to you then others depending on playing role of your character.

    The size of the game world is very vast and you can likely end up getting lost in certain areas. These vast games are great, but when they freeze up on you now and again, it begins to tug at your patience. Make sure you save often do to this factor. Now with the little issue aside depending how many times it happens it will take hours (even if no freezing happens) to discover all of this game. Fallout has been great for keeping the size of the game great at least the last two titles.

    Finally, it saddens this heart to be so cruel to Fallout New Vegas, but just being honest here. Do to the constant freezing up on the console and having some many bugs it rendered the game unplayable. This is not to say you will experience the same thing, but most likely, it will happen. If you have unbelievable amounts of patience this may be a suitable game for you. You will have to take into account the things mentioned when buying this. Companions are a great addition, but is it worth it looking at a frozen screen or being unable to finish some quests?



My Final Game Score: 5.0

Front Mission Evolved

Posted by evilDJINNZ on October 29, 2010 at 9:28 PM Comments comments (0)

Front Mission Evolved

    Welcome to the future where human soldiers jump in these robot like soldiers called wanzers. This game brought back memories of a game called mech warrior. This game is a lot less complicated then mech warrior was. You can customize your wanzer to how you see fit except you need to keep an eye on the power versus weight. The main mission part was all right except for the pauses in the story telling. The game has a good story line, on-line needs some touching up, and customization is great.

    The story line is good, but in some areas, you will need to read the story yourself. There seems to be pausing in the story line that should not be there. Other than that, it goes along the lines of you wanting to save your father after an attack. Some parts it seems like a love triangle may pop off, but nothing more is done with it. Yes, the story is not the best of type of game, but it is enough to let you know what is going on. In the end, the story could have been touched up a bit, but there are others with worst story telling out there.

    The on-line is just like a war zone skate your wanzer around and blast other wanzers. I would not say it is balanced as it goes by ranks and you can have high-ranking people against or on your side. It will say it is balancing the teams, but is it really. There was only one bug that happened while on-line so far. With that, it is an all right game experience while on-line. There are other matches to participate in like death match (pretty much how the name sounds), team death match (pretty much how the name sounds), supremacy (take control of a certain point), and domination (torrents are the key here). Therefore, the on-line could be looked at, but it seems like a neat experience on-line.

    Customization of your wanzer is great even though certain missions in the story line need you to have certain things. Pick to go hand to hand or stay at a distance with a rifle whatever your heart desires. This is especially true for the on-line part, but when you first start, there is little to choose from in equipping. Every part of your wanzer from legs to the torso has a certain weight and certain things give you power so you need to balance these. One thing seen was the arms and legs really do not make that much difference if destroyed. On the other hand, if your torso is destroyed say game over. So try to make the most out of what you have and destroy the enemy.

    Finally, some things could be touched up, but overall it is a good game. On the other hand, it is not as bad as was expected. There was dread from playing mech warrior that gave a cringe when getting this game. If you like the military and building your own giant death robot this may be a game for you. One thing to remember this is set in the future so do not go thinking this is a present day war game. With the story line, the customization, and the on-line play it was a decent game.


My Final Game Score: 7.0

Final Fantasy XIV

Posted by evilDJINNZ on October 26, 2010 at 5:33 PM Comments comments (1)

Final Fantasy XIV

    While I understand that this game is currently for the pc, it is said this will be released for the playstation 3 in March. Anyhow, since this is an on-line mmo and this game cannot really be summed up like the others, I will do my best to make it short, but to the point. I cannot compare it to the previous Final Fantasy, but I have experienced this somewhat. I will try to break this into parts so this will be easier for those stopping by to read it and find what information they need.

Main Class Leveling:

    This so far I can only tell you to level 16 of a thaumaturge. It started with grinding on star marmot’s near the mine by camp black bush in thanalan. I did this to about level 10 when I started to notice fewer points for each kill. I then switched to a conjurer as I read somewhere that I needed to switch classes to allow me to level the other class. Therefore, I brought that level up to six and decided to switch back to thaumaturge. I needed to find a different area so I went near camp dry bone to grind on the thistletail marmot. Doing this brought me to level 16 and that I have stopped at so far. The best way I found was to click on an enemy and find one that is green or yellow to grind on. There are the blues ones (which I am talking about the little shield by the name) which gives class points sometimes and sometimes not.


    This I think needs to be redone. Searching every player is very time consuming and giving the many areas you have to check makes it a pain. There is nowhere to search for what people have so you are left with going to each person to look. At least they could have made it like a grocery store where you could ask the grocer where an item is and they tell you at the end of aisle 6. I have not dabbled into the retainer looking for items, but have seen others with the word seeking in their list. This leads me to think that your retainer just sits there until someone comes and says all right I have that. It seems like a neat idea if this was real life, but even in real life, there are those that help you find the item you wish to buy. I could look at it, as this is a great way to make players waste their game time so that it ensures that they keep paying, but this idea is kind of like a game of chance. I on the other hand will believe that either this part did not work out the way they intended or I am missing something that makes it easier.


    This part seems interesting and well every game has this, but in different formats. In this game, it allows either you to repair the item or to let an npc do it for you. For you to repair the item you need to have the mats to repair and that class example a blacksmithing hammer in your main hand to repair say a shield that requires blacksmithing mats. The item you wish to repair needs to be off your character or in other words unequipped. That is if you are doing yourself and not letting the npc repair for you. Now if you do it yourself, you can go to 100% repaired, but if an npc does it your are looking at 75% repaired. Now I had a hard time getting things to unequip as I did not carry around two sets of clothing for my character to change in and out of. So to get by this I made a macro that went like this /equip name of slot “” and that unequipped it so basically if I had only one weapon I would have made the macro like this /equip main “” and that solved that issue. Now the part that had me at first was great now I have it unequipped, but how do I repair it. Well you have to bring up the main menu and go to the option that says inventory. Search through your list of items to find that item that needs repair and click on it. This should open a window showing the item, its stats, and a button that says repair. If it is grayed out, make sure your main hand is the right main hand to repair the item.


    Now this has a spin to it and in a way is like other games were you can make things, but when it says crafting it is like you really crafting. To start you will need to equip a main hand crafting item and I would say the offhand as well. This will switch you to a blacksmith, tailor, alchemist, cooker, etc. Next, you need to open up the main menu where you will see the word synthesize up at the top. This will make your character sit down and bring up a little window to the left on the screen. There is a request items button, but that is if you are doing the crafting leves.

    Now the little boxes are where you will put the mats for the item you wish to make which should be in your inventory. Just click the little box (there are a few so no need to worry about the right one) and it will bring up your inventory list. Pick an item to put in that slot and if the item requires only one item to make it great, just hit the button on the bottom saying main or offhand. I have always picked main, but I am sure there is a reason for the offhand, which will use your offhand item to craft with. This will bring up a window with standard, rapid, bold options to pick. You will also see durability on the bottom and across from that is progress.

    Main point to aim for is 100% progress with at least 1 durability left over to click finish. If this happens great you have made your item, but if it does not happen say goodbye to everything, you put in the little boxes for mats. Now others have said that certain things affect your chances of making the item. In a way I believe this, but the only thing, I have seen so far effect it is me using a main hand item to craft with that had 1 durability left to make things with. There is also the level of the item you are trying to make versus your level.

    Now you will also see a ball of color on the items you are crafting with. I have not seen a big difference with this affecting my chances, but others will claim otherwise. The main one thing I know for sure is standard is the most likely to succeed (gives a little boost in progress and a little decrease in durability along with some quality), rapid (gives a big increase in progress and very little in quality and damage a little more than standard), bold (biggest increase in quality and a little in progress along with major decrease in durability). Now if you fail either of those options you will get reduced benefits such as progress, no quality, and a bigger than normal durability loss.

    As time goes by, I will add more, but figured this is a good start. This is also from a solo player’s perspective and does not include grouping up with others to level, craft, or anything. It seems like a good game, but I can see where some would be turned off by it as well.

Dead Rising 2

Posted by evilDJINNZ on October 25, 2010 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Dead Rising 2

    Slicing zombies to little bits is fun and when time management is thrown in, it gets challenging. Sadly, I never played the first part of this, but I am glad that the second part ended up in my hands. This game is just as I previously mentioned about time management and smashing zombies into pulp. Just remember time management and if you are comfortable there you will be ok. Now you do not need to be great at time management to like the game, but it is one of the main aspects. In this game review for the playstation 3’s Dead Rising 2 I will talk about the on-line play, normal game play, and the neat weapons you can make.

    First, the on-line play of Dead Rising 2 is neat and fast. You are on a tv show comparable to wheel of fortune or the old gladiators. You try to get the best score possible by doing crazy things to zombies like shooting them with a ball launcher type of weapon or dressing up the zombies. There are other games as well and I will let you see what they are. You get money based on your rank of four people and this money can be brought over to your normal game play. The on-line aspect of this game is challenging and fun all rolled into one package.

    Now the normal game play is neat as well and you can even join up with another to complete this. I will not cover the co-op game play in here so feel free to try it out. The normal game play starts easy for the time management part and increases in difficulty as time goes on. I would suggest not sitting around bashing on zombies unless you have the time. There is an arrow to guide you to the mission you wish to complete. Therefore, there is no need to worry about finding the area of a mission. There are a lot of casino games and mini games in this that are worth trying out.

    Now in Dead Rising 2 there are tons of weapons to use against Fortune Cities zombies and looters. You can beat on looters and the zombies with handbags to customized weapons. The neat weapons are the ones like a bucket and a drill combined in a room marked on the map with a wrench icon. You can also combine nails and a bat to make a spiked bat to go clubbing zombies or looters. Using these neat weapons earn you pp points to level up so use one at every chance you get. When you get the bike unlocked, you can make a real zombie-killing machine.

    Finally, I thought the story was not as strong as could have been. There was a little back and forth on the length of the game. Now with those issues aside, this game is addictive and you should get some fun out of it if mayhem is your thing. With saving survivors, beating up psychos, and trying to stay on time is challenging in some parts. The weapons, normal game play, and the on-line game play are in a weird way balanced. I would say get this game if you need to release some anger or just need a laugh.

My Final Game Score: 8.5

My Game Rating Exposed

Posted by evilDJINNZ on September 23, 2010 at 4:59 PM Comments comments (0)

My Game Rating Exposed

    A few people have asked, “Are you just putting numbers on the ratings?” and the answer is no. Now the truth on how the games rate on the site is achieved. Others rate the games on their site to make sales, but my goal is to help you not waste your money on the next game fix. Granted I use advertizing to may be fund this journey to help others make a great choice in buying. Here is how it works from top to bottom. A game is released and a person walks into the store buying said game. The game is taken home to be ran through and usually a day or so a movie of the play is put on youtube. The movies will be under Mutlilockin’s channel. Now the way a rating is put on the game by this site.


POINT 1: (SOUND) Just about every game can accomplish this by having the correct sound. What is meant there is if a gun is shot, it sounds like a gun. A car sounds like a car, footsteps sound like footsteps, etc.


POINT 2: (SOUND) Now if they game gets this they took extra steps to the sound department. The sound here is extra that many games miss. Now the extra is pain sounds for being shot, ran over, etc. If a car hits something, you can hear parts that would be hanging off scrapping the ground. It is basically the next step to making the game sound more like you are there.


POINT 3: (GRAPHICS) Again this should be an easy point to get for games. What it means if there is a gun in the characters hand well it looks like a gun. A car looks like a car, boats look like boats, etc.


POINT 4: (GRAPHICS) Just like the sound part two this one is extra. If a character is shot, ran over, tossed off a building, etc the character shows the extra graphics for expression of the situation. So in part, it needs to follow the story line to make this happen. This one is as if looking at what is happening, the characters around graphically represents it.


POINT 5: (STORY) Many games can get this as long as there is a story of some type. Some are very weak on their story and may lose this point. This is an easy point to get and very hard to not get.


POINT 6: (STORY) This one can be hard to get as it plays on sound and graphics. The story needs to spark an emotion such as anger, sadness, happy, etc. Now the anger you get when a game is too hard for you is not what is meant. This one needs to make you feel like you need to get to the next part of the story through some emotion.


POINT 7: (GAME CONTROLS) This one is easy, but not as easy as sound 1. Many games add an effect like blur or screen shakes and if it hinders actions in the game then this is not given. An example the screen shakes while needing to press buttons in a certain order. If the controls cannot be seen this is bad game controls. Also if you are in the middle of an action and are not able to dismiss the action to adapt to new happenings this is lost.


POINT 8: (GLITCHES) The name pretty much explains this point, but if a game has to many bugs in it than it will not get this point. Now this does not mean bugs in the aspect of finding a simpler way of accomplishing a task within the game. This one is like falling through the game world or able to climb walls by jumping on little pieces of landscape, which was clearly not meant to be done.


POINT 9: (GAME LENGTH) This one is simple enough it is actual play time in a game versus the cut scenes. Some games have more time in cut scenes than in actual playtime for the player. This is terrible as the player wants to get interaction. The game cannot be boring with a bunch of cut scenes as if you were watching a movie. The point will be awarded once it shows more time to the player than movie scenes.


POINT 10: (PERFECTION?) This one is almost never reached at least not so far. This means the game has mastered all other points.


    Now you will see a .5 in the score and this is more a personal feeling to give. It is given when the feeling of reaching the next point, but falls short for some minor error. To explain this say a game gets a 8 and has one glitch that happens one time out of three runs. This .5 will be given just on personal feeling and does not have a set thing like the others.


Posted by evilDJINNZ on September 15, 2010 at 2:52 PM Comments comments (0)


    Have you ever wanted to control your own army? In this game review of R.U.S.E for the playstation 3 this is where we are going. Making tanks, infantry, and planes, this game offers strategy players many different ways to win. The game is challenging on harder settings and is not a game that can be blown through. The on-line play is great and had only one flaw. The only flaw was that sometimes the game was lagging. The game R.U.S.E is a great game with its neat on-line play, ability to play different strategies, and the campaign.

    The on-line play will give you chances to play against all types of strategists. Even though the touch screen capabilities were not tried out for this game, one could imagine it would add to the unique on-line play. There is ranked matches for the on-line play with level brackets that pit you against people of your bracket. You can host your own game on this with different options such as changing the time eras, which affects what you have to build. You still have your ruses to use in the on-line part, which will add to the way you play. There is much more to explore in this game for the on-line play and this has been a well-developed area of the game.

    The ability to play different strategies is many from building airports and sending planes to do the work or send tanks to roll over your opponent. The ruses add to this by allowing you to speed up your force in a certain area or tell them to not retreat if damaged. The time era will put limits on what you can build and makes you think about what to use. Of course, with building you have to get money in order to afford your new stuff. This adds to the way you will play your strategy, as at first you will not be able to afford all of it. The way the developers decided to allow you to use different things to change your strategy is another well thought of development.

    The campaign may be easy on an easy setting, but do not count on it being smooth on harder settings. Finally, a game has put in the understanding of difficulty. Other games make things nearly impossible to get through, but not this game. The campaign has a neat story from being betrayed to your own characters personality changing. The select campaign part were you have to be in a certain time period and use what they have is another plus so do not expect to be having everything. While the campaign is going you will not have all the ruses available like in the on-line play, but they introduce them as they see fit. The campaign modes are great and some are really challenging to an rts player. This part of the game was thought out half way decent unlike other games, which feel like a bogus story.

    In the end the on-line play will give you something to really think about as every person has their own strategy. The campaign part is challenging even if there are certain things to do to win. If you are not a true strategy fan, you may want to stay clear of this game or get an easier game for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy strategy games and need a challenge from the other easy strategy games this is for you. I hope you enjoyed the game review for the playstation 3 and wish you luck on your battles.

My Final Game Score: 9

California's Budget Issue

Posted by evilDJINNZ on September 2, 2010 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

    California’s budget has been out of control for a while now. This has lead to cuts in areas that did not need the cuts such as education, jobs, and other public services. As every Democrat and Republican debate on a way to solve this issue, many pay the price. Those that can weather this back and forth blame game will still feel the effects. It is sad to say that this issue would solve itself if they used common sense. To solve the state of California’s budget crisis, they must stop people from applying for state aid in multiple counties by incorporating a database of social security numbers, fingerprints, and stopping wasteful spending.

    Making a database of social security numbers used for every county in California, for state aid, would make it impossible for people to collect state aid from multiple counties. Unfortunately, many people do this even though it is a crime to do so. By doing this, it drains the funding for these programs and when it comes to state funded programs, it depletes the states money. One family may apply in Riverside County, then go to Los Angeles County, and apply. Now, that is double the income from the state and the only way they try to catch them is by asking if they applied anywhere else.

    Now let us say a family makes four hundred in just one county for that family’s aid. The family now goes and applies in another county and makes another four hundred. They could keep doing this all around the state and in the worst-case scenario do it worldwide. Doing this would provide enough money for a brand new car, house, and who knows what else. This needs to stop or else the state will soon be out of any funding and will need to make cuts in other areas to support this kind of criminal action. However, the state of California is already doing this by cutting teachers, making city workers take furlough days, and hiking up tuition in state colleges.

    Now let us make this even more sickening by saying dead people are counted in the household. This is easy to do today, as getting social security numbers from someone deceased is easy. Now you are probably asking what does this matter. Well the states aid goes off household members and how much money they bring in to see how much the family will receive. This way would seem great if everyone applying was honest, but this is not the case. The GAO said in a brief “We identified nearly 26,000 deceased individuals in the four states we reviewed who were included in households receiving food stamps for the 2-year period 1995 through 1996. These households improperly collected an estimated $8.5 million in food stamp benefits.” (United States General Accounting Office, 1998, p. 2).

    Now that is not an up to date brief, but it gives an idea of the problem the state of California faces. In addition, this does not show who is getting money from just the state like cash aid. However, this study if used on state level would find those, but this was a study for government money. Though one could assume once that federal money ran out the state would need to pay the rest. None of this would happen if the state hired programmers to implement a social security database. The database, which would be filled up with all the social security numbers that the social security office has issued.

    The social security database would contain all the information the social security office has. This information could either be entered by the social workers or have the programmer enter it. The reason for this is people will move, but if the social workers ask for past residency, they could have that information and cross check with the social security office’s information. Now if the social security number on the form contains a number for someone deceased it would mean denial of said aid. This would save the government money, but more importantly the state of California.

    Now one might ask how a broke state pays for this kind of database. A state could apply for many state and government level grants. This applying for grants happens all the time by different agencies of the state. For instance claims “California received fourteen thousand seven hundred and ninety five grants with a total amount of rewarded money at $20,014,200,393.” (, 2010). This goes to show the state has an idea how to receive these funds.

    These grants are for creating jobs so this would help hiring the programmers and or programmers plus a data entry person. This would also help with the unemployment rate, but not by much, which is a plus. If the program proves to save money and cut fraud, which it should, the state of California could start accepting money from other states to use their database. This would bring in extra revenue for the state and begin to dig itself out of the budget crisis they are in now. On a side note, it would also cut anyone without a social security number from applying and put people who try to defraud in great danger of criminal imprisonment.

    This whole database is going off the state using their current systems. If they wanted to get new technology, they again should apply for a federal grant that helps in this line. Now, they should not need the new technology over what they currently have. Unless they plan to do something like put in a machine that people who apply can enter their social security number and tell them if they are denied or not. That may turn into a good idea, as it would cut the caseloads on the social workers, but by how much is the question.

    Another step goes with the social security number database and it follows almost the same lines as the social security number database. Think of the next step as a secondary checkpoint to make sure defrauding does not happen. There remains a question of using another family member’s social security number to bypass this method, which we will discuss here soon. By implementing this plan alone, would save the state money every time it pays out.

    Now a fingerprint database would also help on reducing fraud in state aid programs and help curb the budget issue. It appears there is a system in place in the county of Santa Clara. Santa Clara states in one of its briefs “In response to the federal mandate requiring states to design a system to prevent welfare fraud through duplicate participation, Senate Bill 1780, Chapter 206, Statutes of 1996 was passed which implements a Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System (SFIS).” (Santa Clara county, 2010, p 2.1.1).

    This would be great and combine it with the social security number database. With both databases active, they would cut down on fraud a lot and turn the California’s budget crisis into a positive budget. It sounds like a great idea, but if you read it carefully, it is not saying they combine. The way it should work is one central computer holds all the fingerprints. When people come in to apply it, checks the social security number to the fingerprint name.

    Currently what the county has is a way to make sure one does not apply again in the same county. This senate bill needs reworked to handle fraud or worded better so the state understands it is one central database holding this information. Again, to do the corrections they may apply for state or federal grants to help pay for this. They may try for grants such as the one stated at “Small Research Grant to Improve Health Care Quality through Health Information Technology (IT) (R03).” (, n.d). There are many others depending how they word how they use the grant money.

    Now the best idea is to stop any grants the state offers that is not necessary to redirect the funding. That meaning, the grant money that would have gone out to another corporation instead goes to the state to fund the fingerprint system. Another thing to do is not taking out loans to pay for things or at the least use careful judgment in deciding what it needs. They would then have to look at the employment factor which if this is bundled into one system using the social security number database and the fingerprint database, they would not need to worry. As the discussion earlier, the employments of certain individuals create tax breaks for the state.

    The state of California may wish to hire those that are capable of doing the work and fall within the tax break credit they would receive. This would mean less the state needs to send the government for taxes. It would also benefit those not working, but also give them benefits they may wish to use. This is also important as the state needs to think about cutting costs, but not to areas that benefit the world or state in whole. By doing this, it would save costs to the state to a minimal or even none.

    This is using still the current technology that the state has, but it is putting it to better use. The state would need to look into which tax breaks they may receive for hiring and look at the current system of which is not working. These two steps so far discussed would begin to save the state on its budget crisis. All of this is to prevent the fraud that is from outside which the Los Angeles County Grand Jury said in a report “Though the difference between the Department's 5 percent and the statewide total of 7.9 percent of caseload may not appear significant, the difference represents a significant amount of potential overpayment and cost avoidance.” (, n.d).

    Now the state’s biggest money anchor is their wasteful spending. This is out of control as bad as the budget, but common sense would actually solve this. The health care industry has become a thorn in the side of the budget, but it appears none is really standing against it. Reported by the California State Auditor bureau of state audits “State law specifies that facilities are not required to pay monetary penalties on contested citations that have not been resolved, and this specification creates an incentive for facilities to appeal citations.” (California State Auditor, 2010).

    Therefore, if a health care business gets a fine for one million dollars and goes the route of appealing it, they will not have to pay a cent until judgment says they need to. This sounds like a great way to avoid paying as courts are lengthy unless this has a special court. If this were like normal courts, they would then appeal that decision and drag it out longer. All in the meanwhile they know they have to pay unless it is some disgruntle ex employee doing the investigation. This does not make sense as in court the loser has to pay the winners court costs as well.

    Therefore, while waiting to get payment the state must use tax dollars to pay for anything that this money goes for. However, the state should not spend anything it does not have even if it is most likely going to be paid. The state needs to find a way to solve this issue maybe with a special court made just for this. If they continue to let these health places decide when the time is right to pay they will never collect any money for anything wrong a place does. Making this special court will also take those on unemployment off the list, as people will need hiring for this court.

    Now the governor of California is trying to ban violent video games. According to the United States Court of Appeals of the Ninth Circuit:

 “On October 7, 2005, Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law Assembly Bill 1179 (“AB 1179”;), codified at Civil Code  §§ 1746-1746.5.3 The Act states that “[a] person may not sell or rent a video game that has been labeled as a violent video game to a minor.” Cal. Civ. Code § 1746.1(a).4 Violators are subject to a civil penalty of up to $1,000. Id. at § 1746.3.” (United States Court of Appeals of the Ninth Circuit, 2009, p. 1942 A

Now this started a couple years back by signing a law against violent video games. This costs money and more to the point taxpayer’s money. Now some may be all for that law, but are taxpayers understanding that this costs their money every time he loses in court. If the governor fails to win, he will need to pay court costs and attorney fees.

    Now some may say big deal, but those attorney fees are not cheap considering they are not some public defender type of lawyer. One can assume that the lawyer fees for the governor are also expensive. In addition, one can assume that the lawyer fees of who the governor is going against reaches almost in the millions. That does not seem like a very good idea to do when the state is sitting in a budget crisis. Now you will never hear the actual dollar amount told or listed anywhere, as expenditures are most likely it.

    To give an idea of the budget The Department of Finance California budget says in a document “2010-11 Expenditure Totals $118,755,483” (The Department of Finance California budget, 2010). Now that is some spending and is very close to going negative if that number reaches higher. This is why it would be a wise move to start spending when the state has the money and not when it is low on funds. Here is hope to the governor that he wins the case or else the budget pays the price.

    Now let us look at that and its meaning for the average people of this state. For one, the budget will go negative and cuts will happen to get back money. This should not even happen, but it will. Let us say one California citizen calls 911 for an emergency. What they will likely get, instead of a person entering in their information, is a system telling them to call back on normal business days. Let us say one’s son or daughter does not graduate until they are fifty-two years old and that happened as the governor cut schooling down to a week a month.

People will say that is extreme and will never come to that, but have those same people been reading what the governor has cut so far. California Department of Education said:

“This year, cuts to the state public education budget have forced districts to issue preliminary layoff notices, or pink slips to 26,004 teachers and other certificated staff. More than 16,000 teachers lost their jobs due to budget cuts last year, and approximately 10,000 classified school employees were laid off.”

Now, if more money is lost and the budget goes into the negative even further, expect more cuts in places. By doing this, he is increasing the unemployment in this state as well, which is not a good thing.

    Now for the weirdest of the waste and that is allowing state aid to be withdrawn at strip clubs. California Taxpayer’s Association said in an article “The California Department of Social Services said the governor has ordered the department to correct the problem by removing strip clubs and casinos from the list of businesses where recipients can withdraw taxpayer dollars.” (California Taxpayer’s Association, 2010). Now that is one way to do wasteful spending, but that needs fixing. There needs to be repayment such as the aid being stop or they work it off in prison.

    The bottom line is this budget-solving plan comes from common sense. In the old days, the people would pay the king taxes and that money was either stored for a crisis or used for improvements to the town. The system currently in place in California may wish to look back at those times to solve their budget crisis. This plan would create jobs, create a system for eliminating fraud to a certain area, which will save money, and eliminate wasteful spending although that should be common sense.

Mafia 2

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Mafia 2

    Wanted to be a member of the Mafia? Well this game is not going to be your ticket in. In this game review, I will be looking at the Mafia 2 and the strengths and weakness of the game. I am not a real fan of shooter games, but must admit some have made me think about playing them. This game though had me feeling a little between junk it and keep it. Mafia 2 still needs some work on certain areas such as the cops, targeting, and the way traffic interacts.

    The cops in this game are a little weird to say. You can run red lights in front of them and not stir any suspicion. You can also drive down the wrong side of the street and not hear a peep from the cops. This feels a little unreal to me and I had to say are you serious. I also love how the cops in Jimmy’s revenge like to shot you up, but a load of people shooting guns in the road draws no action until you pop one of them. All in all these cops need to go back to their training ground and learn the rules.

    Now, the targeting works most of the time in the game. That is until you get in the weird areas of cover like the front hood of a car. If you do this, your gun would point at the hood and that is just not what I would do if I were trying to stay alive in a gun battle. The targeting could be a little tuned up, but the cover system is neat giving you can only take a few shots. As I said the targeting works most the time, but seems they forgot certain areas you would be at. In the end, the targeting needs to be tuned up some to include being in the center of certain objects.

    Finally, the traffic responds to you about as well as a disobedient child. Have your car sticking a little in to the road and watch some driver come plowing into it. You would think they would try to go around you, but that is not the case. It also appears on the freeway if you hit above 110 mile per hour the tanker trucks try to ram into you. These may have been unusual glitches, but they still need to tune that up. The game needs some more fixing to be solid, but it does have some need concepts.

    Being only able to take a couple hits before death is neat and it makes you use the cover system more often than not. The only bad part here is I do not think they thought about that for Jimmy’s revenge as you are timed on all your missions. In the end of this game review I would say buy this game if you were a diehard mobster fan. Otherwise, leave this game on the shelf I do not think it warrants the sixty dollars it costs.


My Final Game Rating = 7.0

Just Cause 2

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Just Cause 2


    This game is a shooter with free roam in it. There are some limitations to the free roam. This may or may not disappoint you while playing. I personally liked the game from being able to hijack vehicles to using all sorts of vehicles. However, I must admit some disappointment in the makers as I have seen this game before. This being the type of games I like with the free roam I had to ask why copy another game. While I had some disappointment I, felt the game was great because of its vast world, ability to use vehicles such as planes to bikes, and the ability to destroy just about anything.

    Now with the games world being so vast it will take awhile to complete this game. This is not just a couple missions type of game. To give an idea of it, if you have played Mercenaries, Just Cause 2 had followed it almost to a tea. This is where I was disappointed as it is almost identical to Mercenaries. I would suggest not walking to your destinations unless they are close to your position. Since the world in this game is vast, I would suggest not wasting a lot of time walking.

    Now the ability to use all sorts of vehicles is neat and this would be a way to increase traveling. You could hop in the car going down the street to a plane at an airport. I would suggest the plane even though I am terrible at flying. If you hop into all the unique vehicles, you will get a trophy for it. I personally use the helicopters with the guns on them for easy take down of military bases. There are also driver points you can receive. In all, there is a lot you can do with your vehicles.

    Now with the ability to destroy just about anything it is great to see the destruction. Blow up every vehicle you can see or destroy military bases. The point of this is to earn chaos points, which will do many things. There is many ways to destroy things like driving a truck or car right off the cliff or aim your plane at the ground and bail out. If you like to destroy things this is the place for it.

    Now as I mentioned before this is almost a copycat version of Mercenaries. When it finally dawned on me I was a bit disappointed, but it still gave the same feeling as Mercenaries. I would say if you liked Mercenaries or you like gunning down anyone or anything get this game.

My Final Game Rating = 7.5