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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Posted by evilDJINNZ on December 21, 2010 at 2:50 AM

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

    Sneak around, avoid being noticed, and kill your target. This is in an assassin’s mind. Do you have what it takes to be an assassin? If you believe so, this game may spark an interest in your eyes. Keep in mind you are still bound by the rules of the game world, which takes out unbelievable actions or any going beyond this scope. In this review for the playstation 3’s Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood the focus is on the multiplayer aspect, single play, and some issues some may find annoying.

    The multiplayer aspect of this game is new to this series. It follows the same basic principles of any shooter, but there are rules to go along. You may just want to run on the rooftops and pounce down on your target. This allows you to be noticed by your target and alerts others of your position. Killing your target while noticed by them reduces the points majorly. You could sit in one spot, but this allows your position to be pinned down and could limit actions when your target gets near you. The truth is this was expected to be worse then it turned out and credit should be given on their first multiplayer shot.

    The single play is just like the other parts in this series. It does offer the ability to train assassins that you can call on or send on missions. This is neat, but there is also the new combo kill streak that can kill multiple enemies. In certain areas of the game, you are required to get so high to unlock one hundred percent memory sync. The story follows along with the previous one so no need thinking you will be lost. In this area of the game, they managed to stay pretty even throughout the series.

    Issues the players may find annoying is just well annoying. First would be the delay in the games notice indicators. An example in single play is the pickpockets are targeted right away. On the other hand, it takes a couple seconds for a courier to show and by then they are gone. You cannot look at the map for a courier as you could for pickpockets so kiss them goodbye most the time. In multiplayer they seem to have put some haystacks or bushes in areas where no npc’s travel making it useless to hide there. Another part on the multiplayer is about ninety-five percent of the time it spawns you so far away from your target. This requires you to either run closer revealing to others where you are or walk for a minute to the area of your target. These are minor and not game breaking.

    Finally, this game offers for it first time a multiplayer option. The games single play is no stray from how it was before. The issues that some may find are minor, but at least this will provide some information on the next one. This game is great, but some may find it too short in length if they decide not to go after the full experience. Now waiting for their next part in the story to see how they improve from where they are now. This may not appeal to those that want to go shoot, but if you like being sneaky, this is for you.


My Final Game Rating = 9.0

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